Meet our company’s celebrity ambassadors

Meet our company’s celebrity ambassadors defines an Ambassador as:

"an authorized messenger or representative. Abbreviation: Amb., amb."

As a digital agency, we wanted to create an innovative & exciting way to communicate with our website users. We have connected technology with celebrity voice overs and on boarded our brand “ambassadors”. By simply scanning the QR code on our website, our ambassadors will connect with you in their own unique characteristic way and then guide you to our contact details. Why not refresh to hear them all.

More specifically, to give our user a seamless experience we make use of recent mobile code technologies that deliver an optimised audiovisual, smooth and immediate response to the user. We can enrich any message using this technology to enhance your UX for any project in any sector.

This technology is already being implemented in the public sector, tourist industry, private companies, museums, large organisations and in governmental buildings and is already going viral.

Scan now and get your surprise call! ENJOY!

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